2005 James Conklin - Distinguished Teaching Award

James Conklin's teaching career has been characterized by excellence in all facets of teaching, from guiding students who will find their way into graduate school in mathematics to giving good mathematical tools to those in other disciplines who might not otherwise see its value. He is an outstanding classroom teacher and tireless mentor.

Dr. Conklin has taught a wide variety of courses and he has created several others. He has developed a Freshman Enrichment seminar and along with a "Chance" course which grounds the study of statistics in current events. His gentle but firm guidance fosters problem solving and rigor in all his classrooms.

His teaching extends beyond the classroom. Jim has prepared students for the national modeling contest and fro the Putnam exams. He guides his students in independent study and research.

Here are some quotes from students who have thrived with his help.

"He has excellent rapport with his students and often "wins over" those students who are intimidated or uninterested in mathematics. I believe it is his devotion, eagerness to give individual attention to students, and contextual understanding of mathematics that allows him to accomplish this."

"A particular strength of Jim is that he possesses the invaluable ability to communicate complex subject matter in a way that is easy to understand by students. Jim is a teacher who not only delivers a message well, but is also an active listener."

"Fortunately, Professor Conklin opened my eyes to the infinite possibilities that a future in mathematics could hold for me."

These quotes and many others attest to an extraordinary successful teacher and mentor that Jim Conklin is to his students at Ithaca College.