2001 David Manes - Distinguished Teaching Award

During his thirty-five year tenure at SUNY College at Oneonta, Professor David Manes has taught virtually every course in the mathematics syllabus, including those at the graduate level. One measure of his teaching excellence is his willingness to develop himself professionally through participation in conferences and MAA minicourses, and to undertake new directions in his courses, particularly with respect to the use of technology. His lectures are marked by clarity, organization, enthusiasm and goodwill. An inveterate problem-solver, he has shared his experience and insight with his students.

His contacts with undergraduates are broad and substantive. Always available to students with questions, he has been an advisor to at least two dozen students each year, coached the Putnam team and directed eight undergraduate independent study projects. At the graduate level, he has made a substantial contribution to the Master of Science in Mathematics In Secondary Education program, in part through a course he created on the application of complex numbers to geometry, and in part through his mentoring of graduate students.

His colleagues value him for his leadership and sound advice in curricular revision and development, as well as in the other spheres of departmental activity. It is a pleasure and a privilege to honour this versatile and distinguished teacher.