1998 Robert Rogers - Distinguished Teaching Award

Professor Robert Rogers of SUNY College at Fredonia has been chosen by the Seaway Section to receive the 1997-98 Distinguished Teaching Award. This award honors Professor Rogers' ten years of imaginative teaching at the SUNY campus.

Dr. Robert Rogers was was born and raised and raised in Western New York and received his B.S. in Mathematics with secondary certification from Buffalo State College. In 1987, he obtained his Ph.D. at SUNY Buffalo under the direction of Catherine Olsen in Operator Theory.

In the course of Professor Rogers' career, he has developed two new courses, one in liberal arts, and another in mathematical modeling. He has also started a student problem solving group, been advisor to the MAA student chapter Math Club, and organized workshops with local high school teachers and supervised student teachers and math education students.

Students were lavish in their praise of Bob Rogers: "One of the most motivational teachers I know. I believe it's because he is so excited about the material," wrote one. Another said, "This is the first math class I totally understood and enjoyed enough to do well in it." Many students made comments like the following: "Dr. Rogers helped me, but he pushed me to figure out the answers."

Professor Rogers previously received the SUNY Fredonia President's Award for Excellence in Teaching. He is the Seaway Section Student Program Chair and the nominee for First Vice Chair of the Section.