1994 Stephen Hilbert - Distinguished Teaching Award

Professor Stephen Hilbert of Ithaca College has been selected to receive the Seaway Section's Award of Distinguished College Teaching of Mathematics. Born in Brooklyn, NY, Professor Hilbert attended Regis High School in New York City and received his B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Notre Dame in 1964. Professor Hilbert received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Maryland in 1969 under the direction of Professor James Bramble. His dissertation was entitled "Numerical Solutions of Elliptic Boundary Problems."

Since receiving his Ph.D., Professor Hilbert has spent almost all of his professional career at Ithaca College, including a term as chairman of the Department of Mathematics. While at Ithaca, he has been the recipient of several awards for distinguished teaching. In 1979 he was chosen as one of 12 outstanding faculty in the School of Humanities and Science. In 1982 and again in 1985 he was a Dana Teaching Fellow and in 1986 he was one of two faculty nominated by Ithaca College for the New York State C.A.S.E. teacher of the year award.

Professor Hilbert has been one of the principal investigators for two NSF grants for project-based/problem-based calculus courses. He has been a presenter at numerous workshops and meetings. Professor Hilbert's publications include articles in numerical analysis (the Bramble-Hilbert Lemma is widely used) as well as an article on calculus. With colleagues at Ithaca, he wrote "Calculus: An active Approach with Projects", which has been published by John Wiley & Sons.