1992 Peter Taylor - Distinguished Teaching Award

The Seaway Section Award Selection Committee has chosen Professor Peter D. Taylor of Queen's University to receive its first Distinguished Teaching Award. He will be honored after the Friday evening dinner at the Spring 1992 Section Meeting, held in conjunction with the 91st Ontario Mathematics Meeting. In addition Professor Taylor will be the section's candidate in the national competition for the MAA's Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching.

The Awards Selection Committee cited Professor Taylor for his imaginative approach to teaching calculus, his completion of several interdisciplinary curricular projects, his leadership on issues of mathematics education, and his many years of organizing programs for high school students and their teachers.

Professor Taylor received the BA and MA degrees from Queen's University and the Ph.D. from Harvard in 1969. He has been at Queen's University for about 22 years. For the past fifteen years he has annually hosted about ten problem solving sessions for high school students and their teachers. He has developed a problem solving approach to teaching calculus. His material is used enthusiastically by a group of high school teachers in the Toronto area, has been presented at the NSF conference on calculus reform in San Antonio, and has resulted in ""An Introduction to the Analysis of Functions"", soon to be published by Wall and Emerson. He has displayed an interdisciplinary bent by developing courses in biomathematics, mathematics and poetry, and problem solving for upper level university students.